Deacon Board

Welcome to the Deacon Board Ministry

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The Deacon Board ministry is a ministry made up of men who meet the biblical qualifications as written in 1 Timothy 3:1-14. Not doubletounged, not given to much wine, proven, husbands of one wife and ruling his children and house well to name a few. This ministry is responsible for assisting the Pastor in fulfilling the spiritual needs of the congregation. This ministry is designed to take on the tasks of benevolence, visiting the sick and shut in, and resolvng issues and disputes in the church. These things are handled by the Deacon Board in order to allow the Pastor to focus on prayer and the ministry of God's word Acts 6:1-6. The presence of Deacons should advance the unity of God's church. The Deacon is one of the two biblical positions in the church the other being the Pastor.








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